Account Authorization Form for access to Fiscal and/or EMIS data
Please fill out and include with your NEOMIN Account Application Form

Name   District  

Please grant access to the following areas

FISCAL Authorization Read Only Read & Update Remote PO  Group Manager
USAS - Uniform School Accounting Software
USPS - Uniform School Payroll System --
EIS   -   Equipment Inventory System -- --
PPS  -  Personnel -- --
FiscWeb USAS - Archived Reports -- -- --
FiscWeb USPS - Archived Reports -- -- --

EMIS Authorization Read Only Read & Update
District   (This includes ALL EMIS areas below)
General  (District/Building data - no student/staff/financial)
Financial  (financial data only)
Staff   (staff data only)
Student  (student data only)
Staff - Student  (staff and student data only)
SSID  (SSID field only) Not Available

Applicant's Signature: _________________________________ Date: __________

Treasurer's Signature: _________________________________ Date: __________
(Treasurer must sign -ONLY- if granting Fiscal Privileges)

Superintendent's Signature:_____________________________ Date: __________